Moving House Long Distance Internationally

Moving House Long Distance Internationally

International Moving  can be a very challenging task — particularly if it involves long distances.  This is because the logistics involved with a long distance removal are generally more complex and the move will require very detailed planning.  There is more risk involved when moving house long distance because there are more variables in play.

Thankfully, MoveCorp is here to help!  They are a highly experienced international removals company that has been performing long distance removals for decades.  Our team can easily manage the complex logistics involved with long distance removals that cover thousands of kilometres.

This article will provide some useful tips for long distance moving, then explain how MoveCorp can make the entire process simple!  If you want to learn more about our services, contact our friendly staff on 08000 556 331 or read on for some great tips.

Tips for moving house long distance

Here are some simple tips to help you plan and execute a long distance removal.

Book well in advance

Long distance moves require a lot of planning.  If you are going to use a professional removals company, give them plenty of notice by booking the move well in advance.  This will help you obtain the perfect delivery window.

Downsize before moving

Moving long distance is much easier and more affordable if you have less cargo.  Take a close look at your possessions and decide if you really need each item.  Sell, discard, store or give away any items that you won’t need in your new home.

Keep important personal items with you

Don’t place important personal items into cargo containers.  You may require those items before your shipment arrives.  That includes items like your driver’s license, recent tax returns, medications, cosmetic products, doctor’s records, contact information, social security details, and birth certificate.  If you have any “extremely” fragile items, consider keeping them with you.

Make sure your cargo is very well protected

One of the main risks associated with moving cargo over a long distance is ensuring it remains safe from physical damage during the journey.  There is a greater risk of breakage during a long journey because road, air and sea conditions can often be very rough.  Do your very best to protect your possessions by using high-quality packing materials and packing fragile items appropriately.

Make sure your cargo is adequately insured

The longer the journey, the more likely it is that an incident may occur. That incident might be a car crash, burglary or a third-party shipping company losing one of your boxes.  Cover yourself against unexpected events by taking out cargo insurance from a reputable insurance provider.

Check items for potential quarantine issues

If you are moving internationally, check that your household items will be allow into the destination country.  Some countries have restrictions about the kinds of materials that can be imported.  For example, many countries won’t allow you to bring in untreated timber because it might be harbouring pests.

Don’t pack food or liquids with your cargo

Packing food or liquids with your cargo is a recipe for disaster!  During the long journey your cargo might move around or a box could be damaged.  If you have food or a liquid in a box, it could damage the rest of your cargo.  It can also attract vermin and cockroaches — giving you a nasty surprise when you unpack your boxes!

Pack a “day one” box

Make life easier on yourself by packing a single box with the items that you will need on day one of your arrival.  Some pieces of cutlery, some plates, a changes of clothes, a board game to keep you entertained and some personal hygiene items.  If you arrive at your new home exhausted, you won’t have to rummage through boxes looking for an item you require — just open your day one box and relax for a while.

Use plastic to ensure items remain hygienic
Protect your mattress and clothes by wrapping them in plastic.  This will ensure they remain free of dust and moisture.  It will also ensure these items will remain hygienic and ready to use when they arrive at your destination.

Pack by room and label your boxes well

Pack items according to the room they came from.  This will make unpacking much easier and help you find the specific items that you need.  Label all boxes with your name and the title of the room that the contents of the box came from.

How to make moving house long distance simple!

If you really want to take the hassle out of moving house, hire a professional international removals company like MoveCorp.  We have decades of experience performing long distance removals and have helped thousands of clients move internationally.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for moving house long distance:

  • Our professional packing service
    We offer an optional packing service, where our experienced removers pack your possessions for you. Using this service not only saves you time, it ensures that your cargo will be packed appropriately for the long journey.
  • We are very experienced at performing long distance removals
    MoveCorp has performed countless long distance removals and has helped thousands of clients move internationally. We know how to make long distance removals simple for our clients.
  • MoveCorp offers 30 days of free storage!
    If your new home is not available immediately, you can leave your cargo with us until it is. This is a very useful option if you are moving long distance and unsure about the availability of accommodation.
  • Highly trained International removers
    Our experienced removers understand the logistics involved when performing long distance removals. They are also trained to British Association of Removers (BAR) and the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS) standards.